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#1 - How can I get the Apple Developer account?

To create Apple Developer account and publish apps & games on iTunes App Store you need to enroll as Individual or Organization.

Please follow the link and press button START YOUR ENROLLMENT.

On the next page login with your Apple ID. We strongly recommend creating new Apple ID, not the one you use for personal purposes. To create Organization account you need to have your D-U-N-S number ready (For US accounts). The Apple Developer Program membership cost is 99 USD per year. You will be able to publish the unlimited amount of apps. Please note, Apple accepts only real legal names (Individual or Business).

#2 - Where can I find my Apple Developer Team ID?

To find your Team ID you will need to log in to the Apple Developer Portal

Then click on your NAME in the top right corner -> VIEW ACCOUNT -> You will see your Team ID under MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION section.

#3 - How to accept domain name transfer to my GoDaddy account?

Log in or create account at
Only completed profiles with full contact information including legal name, address & phone number are able to accept domain transfers. Please check your account settings.

If this is completed and we initiated transfer, click on your account name in the top right corner -> MANAGE MY DOMAINS -> DOMAINS -> Pending Account Changes. Click on "Incoming Account Changes" tab and accept domains.

#4 - How to generate Admob Banner and Interstitial ID's?

First, you will need to create an account with Admob. Admob is owned by Google, so you can use your existing Google Account or create a new one. Please note, that you will need to provide your real name and tax/banking info in order to receive payouts.

After account setup is done, navigate to the Admob Home Page


Enter full app name like it appears in App Store and click SEARCH.

Find your app from the list and click SELECT.

Go to the tab "Select ad format and name ad unit".

Ad formats can be Banner ads (narrow horizontal), Interstitial ads (full-screen pop-up) or both.

Select BANNER or INTERSTITIAL tab to generate ad, enter Ad unit name and click SAVE.

Copy and send us your Ad unit ID that looks like: ca-app-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxxx

Please note we need Ad unit ID, not App ID. Repeat same steps for each app you've purchased.

#5 - Why are you selling apps?

We are mobile app company with a focus on product development. Think of us as of real estate developer, we build a house not live in, but to sell it to a happy family to live there for a long time.

#6 - Can you develop Android version of the specific app?

Yes, we can develop Android version, but custom development price is not included in Flippa listing unless stated otherwise. Please message us for an exact quote and we can add it to the BUY IT NOW price. We reserve a right to reject development requests due to a tight schedule.

#7 - Do you offer post-sale support or additional customizations?

We will gladly answer any questions about the app maintenance within 5 business days after the sale. Some basic customizations e.g. "changing app name" can be included in a Flippa sale with no additional charge to the BUY IT NOW buyer. Additional more advanced customizations can be done with an extra charge.

#8 - How to make money on apps?

If iOS app is paid, you are getting paid directly by Apple for each download. Apple takes 30% commission cut from each sale. This is pretty easy - the more downloads you have - the more money you make.

If iOS app is free you can make money with in-app purchases or by showing ads (Chartboost, Admob, Vungle etc).

Even with no additional marketing, you can make some passive income each month, but to truly convert the app into a money-making machine you will need to boost your app with Apple Search Ads or Facebook/Instagram ads. Technically sky is the limit. The more you put into it - the more you get in return. People are making money in this industry since 2008. So you can too.